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Basement and Foundation Waterproofing


Protect your basement and foundation with waterproofing

Prevent expensive repairs and save yourself money. Many builders will neglect to ensure the basement is properly waterproofed, but for an affordable price we can quickly and effectively waterproof your home in a single day. Contact Shelley Basement Waterproofing now and receive $300 OFF on any competitor's price.
Flooded Garage Basement — Waterproofing in Manhein, PA

Benefits of structoglas

The best benefit of our structoglas wall and ceiling panels is that they provide the look of a finished basement in one day. Structoglas is more durable than drywall and will not rot, corrode, stain, dent, peel, or splinter. Structoglas is available in a variety of colors.
Floor Coating — Waterproofing in Manhein, PA

Waterproofing services include:

We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. PA Contractors #052536.
  • Structoglas walls
  • Structoglas ceiling panels
  • Wall and floor coating
  • Non-invasive baseboard systems
  • Foundation repair
  • Structural wall repair
  • Structural wall reinforcement